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Päivitetty: 01.1.2015

Pedigreed cat related activities since 1975

Pirkanmaan Rotukissayhdistys ry (PIROK = Pirkanmaa Region Pedigree Cat Association) was founded in February 2nd 1975. Before this there was very much action in the Pirkanmaa region, but not as an own association. The founding of an own regional association expanded the action remarkably. PIROK had in its first year of action 64 members – nowadays there are about 800 members. PIROK is a member of SRK (Finnish Cat Association) as well as are the other 10 cat associations around Finland. In addition to this PIROK is also through SRK a member of the international organisation FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline). FiFe is the organisation of over 30 mostly European member countries, which has uniform rules. Member countries are also in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

PIROK’s events

PIROK is a very active and visible club. We have organized more than 100 of international cat shows in the Pirkanmaa region and in Tampere, and also in Pohjanmaa and in middle Finland.

The most visible action of PIROK is organizing cat shows. We organize about four shows yearly, approximately 800 cats per show.

In PIROK we keep actively in touch with our members and organize such action what the members want. There is often informational topics, veterinary evenings, show education, trimming courses and also just spending time together. There is a very high level of cats and breeders in PIROK. The best cat or breeder of the year in PIROK has for for years been also the best cat or breeder of Kissaliitto.

If you would like to know more about our club, our members of board will answer you questions!